KitchenDraw 6.0 for Windows 10


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KitchenDraw is a very powerful program for designing kitchens and bathrooms. After installing additional components is possible to design a different type of rooms. The application is intended for professionals. With it you can create designs of furniture to size. In addition, thanks to the KitchenDraw can prepare a detailed estimate, visualization facilities, etc. A particularly interesting feature is the ability to create photo-realistic image, the effect is very approximate to the true images (on the manufacturer's website are examples). Features Design - Design of individual rooms or entire buildings - Power setting walls - Precise control of the characteristics of the walls (quantity, dimensions, angles between walls, colors) - Tool to define the angle between two walls - walls can be curved, at an angle, etc. . - The use of textures on the walls (50 + own textures provided in *. JPG or *. BMP) - Different types of holes in the walls. Holes through walls. - Set the objects using the "drag and drop" (topic. "Drag & drop") with automatic dostawianiem, in plan view, the front and even in perspective. - Possibility of mixing on one project objects with different finishes, from different libraries - Automatic application of linear objects (moldings, baseboards, etc.) and worktops (with correct calculation of prices and the option to combine management / cutting) - The powerful features for creating and modifying templates allowing for the specific set of linear or plane (special worktops, panels in any shape, stage, laying tile space, etc.) - Large selection of technical symbols (plumbing, electrical, etc.), - Design of automatic or manual, on the set or kicks in elevation (specify size and position), - Application of angular dimensions and radii - Applying text and arrows (explanations) - Import objects and / or their teams - Import images *. WMF, *. bmp and *. JPG with the possibility of their use in the templates. Editing functions - Move and Rotate by specified values ​​or directly mouse - Change attributes of objects, depending on the capabilities of well-defined libraries (dimensions, models, finishes, fixtures, etc.), globally for all objects or only a specified group - Feature "Undo", one level - The "Cut", "Copy", "Paste", "Group", "Ungroup" - Opening furniture - Management options or components, associated with the objects - Symmetry group of facilities, the management directions (left / right) - change catalog codes. Visualization and printing - Display modes: plan, elevation, perspective (dashed, real, "photorealistic"), quotes, naming specific list for cutting, - 3D visualization mode (real-time virtual reality) - A copy of the project on the server KitchenDraw in order to allow a customer to view and possible changes (function KDWebShow). - Select the drawing (lines for hand coloring, the colors, shadows applied, textures, backgrounds, etc.), - selection vantage point directly in perspective - Determination of the characteristics of light sources (direction, intensity, contrast) - Numerous zoom functions (zoom in, zoom out, previous, adjusted, in the whole project), - Zoom and re-centering of the current view with the mouse wheel, - Display and print selective by layer (layer walls dimensional layer, a layer of furniture, etc.) - The "Show" and "Hide", - Describing objects in plan view and elevation (number, catalog code, ...), - print plans and projections on a scale, - Optional output table descriptive - Print on any Windows-compatible devices, including the tracerach in vector mode - Create and print business documents in MS Word (version 95 or later). - Creating animations in the format *. AVI. Features estimate-configuration of pricing and margins according to the catalog, model, family and even the article (peak, the ratio of purchase sales ratio), - Manage multiple VAT rates - Supports multiple currencies - Compatible with Euro - Print net or gross amounts - boost prices, the special conditions of sale, discounts to customers (depending on the permissions granted to the user by the administrator point of sale), - Forcing the code of the article (reference number), - ability to hide in the estimate of the object, which can be seen on drawing - can be added to the estimate, the article of any description and price for the complete cost estimate (eg transport in zone IV at night - 150, -) - Create and print business documents in MS Word (version 95 or later): estimates, invoices, purchase orders, tables, margins, etc. - Ability to configure these documents (eg company logo), and the creation of new (download description). Editing functions library - tool quickly and easily create and update libraries: Mobiscript (no need to draw). - Export data to XML, for the generation of printed catalogs, on the basis of KitchenDraw - Creating 3D icons depicting furniture, to carry printed or electronic directory (format *. WMF). - A tool for creating catalogs Syndication (appliances, accessories, work, etc.) for data exchange functions - Import files in the format:. BMP,. JPG,. WMF. DXF (2D for objects in the background of the plan). 3D DXF - Export files to the format:. BMP,. JPG,. WMF. DXF (2D for objects in the background of the plan). TXT (nomenclature of the project). TXT (data management). - Copy images and estimate the array of statistical tables to the Windows clipboard (CTRL + C) - Sending an e-mail file orders to suppliers. - Export plans worktops in a special file. DXF